Professional Pointe Shoe Fittings

Book your professional pointe shoe fitting with one of our many expertly trained pointe shoe fitters. We offer daily fittings at our Folsom flagship location.

Virtual Fittings

To help keep everyone safe and healthy amidst this global pandemic, we are offering virtual pointe shoe fittings.

Let our expert fitters help you find a new pointe shoe from the comfort of your home!

Please prepare the following photos to submit for your fitting evaluation

  • A photo of your bare feet in first position (from above, looking down on your feet)

  • A photo of your bare feet in a tendu to second position (each foot)

  • The same set of photos as above but in your pointe shoes

  • A photo of your bare feet in a relevé in first position

  • A photo in your pointe shoes in relevé in first position from both the front view and back

In-Store Appointments

While appointments are not required, we highly recommend making an appointment ahead of time so that we can ensure we are able to provide you the time you need to find the perfect shoe! 


Please call the boutique location where you wish to have your appointment. If you would like to request a specific fitter, please feel free to let us know when making your appointment! Thank you!


Folsom - 916.673.9372

First Time Fittings

First Time Fittings must make an appointment. Thank you!


Preparing For Your Fitting

In order to help us find the best shoe with the best fit for you, we recommend the following...

  • Bring your most recent pair of pointe shoes, as well as your current toe pads and any accessories you wear in your shoes (i.e. spacers, box liners, etc...)

  • Wear convertible tights

  • Try not to schedule your appointment right after class as your feet may be swollen which will affect the fit of the shoes

  • Make sure to have your toenails nicely trimmed, but try not to cut them right before your fitting as this can cause sensitivity 

Fitting Fee

If you would like to have a fitting but do not desire to purchase, there is a $25 fitting fee. If at the end of your fitting, you decide to purchase, your fitting fee is waived.

Studio Fittings

Interested in having us come to your studio for a fitting? 

Our minimum requirement is to have 8 girls who will be purchasing shoes.

Contact us at for more information!

Customer Service

Hours of Operation - Folsom Boutique

We are currently closed due to the Covid-19 situation.

Please contact us at for inquiries.

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